Modulaire opbouw

Crops Online is modular, so that only that which is actually in use have to be paid.

Crops Online Basic

With Crops Online Basic, production contracts, field production plans, production activities, yield estimations and harvest times can be entered.

Crops Online Import / Export

With Crops Online Import / Export, the production data can automatically be transferred from and to various ERP systems.

Crops Online Production Risks

With Crops Online Production Risks germination, diseases, generic purity and seed purity risks are recorded. It is also possible to use this module for the storage of photos together with the field data.

Crops Online Excel Reporting

With Crops Online Excel Reporting it is possible to dump the production contracts, field plans, production activities, harvest forecasts and harvest times into Excel, which makes it possible to make detailed reports.

This is an example of the report with harvest information where you have in one overview the planned harvest of the production field together with the last estimations and the realized harvest.

Crops Online Field Checks

With Crops Online Field Checks it is possible to register crop inspections based on a predefined check items. In combination with the module Crops Online Excel reporting these extensive reports can be made.

Crops Online Cost & Hour registration 

With Crops Online Cost & Hour registration extensive costs and time registration can be done on a crop, so that you get a good insight into the costs of your crops. This can be done in a week or day screen.

Crops Online Hour Registration Timer

With Crops Online Hour Registration Timer it is possible to keep track of hours for the various crop activities by means of a timer function. You also have the option that employees log into the system with a tag and then register the hours with the timer function.

Crops Online Parent line information

With Crops Online Parent line information it is possible to link "Female" and "Male" lines to a "Production line / Variety". It's also possible to link an attachment, then for example the parent line description will be visible at the production order.

Crops Online Registratie App

With the Crops Online Registration App you can enter field checks in areas where there is no Internet available on an Android device. It's also possible to take pictures of your crops and save them directly to production fields.

See here for more information to see how the Crops Online Registration App works.