Van Ruijven IT is your partner in ICT assignments. The business philosophy can be summarized with the following key words:

  • Flexible
  • Working together
  • Clear
  • Structured
  • Reliable
  • Passionate


Due to their flexibility, people of Van Ruijven IT can rapidly adapt to varying situations.

Working together

Van Ruijven IT has real team players who are easily moving within and outside their teams. We prefer a personal approach to our project members, we make a significant contribution to the atmosphere within our teams. In carrying out the work we look beyond our own goals and we always try to think with our clients.


Van Ruijven IT likes clear and timely communication, so that our clients won't be surprised at the last moment.


Van Ruijven IT likes a structured way of working, without being bureaucratic.


Of a partner you can expect reliability. Our clients consider us as very reliable, we who do what we say.


Van Ruijven IT is result-oriented and very passionate to achieve the best results for their clients.